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Mobile disaster recovery: the data centre that comes to you

A disaster can compromise your work area, rendering it partially or completely useless to your operation. To mitigate against this risk, your business requires a workplace recovery plan so your people can continue to produce in the face of adversity. However, it is not enough to simply have a physical location where work can be accomplished. Your staff requires an array of additional capabilities, such as access to phones, PCs, your applications, and internet connectivity.

Fortunately, there is an answer: BCS Recovery and Availability Services (DRaaS) Mobile Recovery Solutions (MRSs) bring the office or data center recovery facility to you. We give your staff the ability to quickly resume productivity following an incident or interruption without relocating to a recovery center. Mobile recovery is the ideal solution when relocation isn’t a feasible solution or if your organization requires a physical local presence.


Mobile recovery solutions to the rescue

To address your mobile disaster recovery needs, BCS maintains a dedicated fleet of MRSs, which can be dispatched to any location in Southern Africa within 24 hours. What’s even more extraordinary is that we can have a fully operational office or data center established for you just a short time after we arrive.

Many of our many MRSs can support up to 50 people or dozens of rack-mount servers and infrastructure. They are fully self-contained and self powered, with available high-speed wireless communications. Your business will have everything it needs to move forward with your disaster recovery process and your day-to-day business.


Mobile recovery solutions at a glance

Each MRS provides:

  • Pre-wired Networking for both voice and data connectivity
  • Multiple-platform support, including mid-range, distributed systems, server and desktop environments
  • PCs and printers
  • Lighting, heating, and air conditioning
  • Universal accessibility
  • Fire suppression
  • Available Security system, with closed-circuit cameras



  • Simple: All components in the integrated rack are prefabricated, installed, and commissioned before delivery.
  • Efficient: Integrating UPS, PDU, monitoring, and cooling into a single cabinet saves twice the installation space compared with traditional construction modes.
  • Reliable: Mobile App, Short Message Service (SMS) alarms, and remote web platforms provide centralized monitoring for multiple modules, unattended O&M, and local 10-inch large screen unified management.

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